Aaron Rodgers is Coming Back to Green Bay in 2021

Well that was fun while it lasted. The speculating, and guessing, and the photoshops on where Aaron Rodgers would go next, but it doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere. Check out what he told Pat McAfee.

Now, who knows if this is true or just political speak, but I’d bet money Rodgers returns. I know we paint him as some sort of postseason choke artist, but at the end of the day the guys been to two straight NFC Championship games. Why would he leave? He’s got a ton of talent around him, both offensive and defensive, and he’s the absolute messiah of Green Bay, Wisconsin. There was the whole ‘they drafted my replacement instead of someone who will actually help the team’ thing, but eh, he might put that behind him.

So, sorry Bears, Vikings, and Lions fans, this man is gonna stay to continue to savage your franchises for years to come. Who knows, maybe this year they’ll actually use their first round pick and that’ll but Green Bay over the hump. Or… they’ll draft a second quarterback in as many years just to kick Rodgers in the Weiner, both would be cool.

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