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Aaron Rodgers Is Being The Biggest Baby Right Now And I Love It; Green Bay Packers To Struggle

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I’m going to start this off by saying that I’m actually very glad that Aaron Rodgers is doing what he is doing. I loved getting to know him during the Pat McAfee show this past year. Let’s be honest though, the dude isn’t showing up for camp, he probably doesn’t want to be in the freezing cold in Green Bay anymore, he wants to go host Jeopardy. I would too. I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t want to play for an organization who doesn’t care how I feel.

Some people call what he is doing as being a baby. To those people let Rodgers baby on!

I’m a diehard Detroit Lions fan and there is no way that I want to be watching Rodgers sling the ball around any longer in Green Bay. I’ve been sick of him for years, he’s been cheating for years.

He’s been crying for the refs to be on his side and they always are. I’m annoyed of him. Maybe I’m also annoyed of his greatness. I don’t really feel like watching him beat Detroit anymore.

Isn’t it time for Green Bay to have a downfall? I mean sooner or later it has to happen. It’s been soooo long since Green Bay sucked. I need it to happen. I need to watch those Cheese heads drown in misery.

Again, I’m not calling him a baby. But people are. Especially those who are Packer fans.

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