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Aaron Rodgers Is A Petulant Child Who Deserves To Be Cut By The Packers

Any Team That Picks Him Up Is Just Enabling His Crybaby Behavior

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It needed to be said.

I won’t discredit his ability to play the game. The man is easily a Top 15 quarterback in NFL history. He’s had a storied career in Green Bay that rivals both Bret Favre and Bart Starr. But over the past week, Aaron Rodgers has completely marred his accomplishments in Green Bay.

It seems like every couple years Rodgers is unhappy with the management at Green Bay. He never seems to be happy. There is always an issue. It was reported last Thursday that Rodgers doesn’t want to play for the Packers anymore. Since then, more news has come to light including Rodgers threatening to retire to Yahoo’s Charles Robinson reporting the signal-caller refuses to play for Green Bay as long as Brian Gutekunst is still the team’s general manager. According to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, Rodgers has expressed an interest in being traded to the 49ers, Raiders, or Broncos.

So what in the world happened?

It started last year when the Packers decided to trade up to acquire quarterback Jordan Love in the NFL draft in the first round. Clearly it was a message to Rodgers that his time in Green Bay won’t last forever, and that the team was planning for the future. Rodgers was upset because he was not informed of this move. Further, he was upset that the Packers did not bring any wide receivers to give him additional targets to throw to.

Rodgers is also allegedly upset that the remainder of his three years with Green Bay provides no more guarantees. He apparently wants an extension to his contract thus proving that Green Bay is committed to him and would further like more input on personnel decisions with the organization.

According to former ESPN analyst and host Trey Wingo, the Packers had planned to trade Rodgers in the offseason.

Here’s my take. Rodgers is butt hurt about the fact that there is a future in Green Bay without him. So what? Did he honestly expect to be the quarterback forever and for the organization never to have a backup plan? Does Rodgers forget the fact that he was drafted to eventually replace Brett Favre? He’s upset because he wasn’t informed? The last time I checked, they didn’t need his approval on who to sign. Sure, he can give his “two cents” as he has certainly deserved that. But Aaron Rodgers it not the General Manager of the Packers nor should he be fully responsible of who gets drafted. Besides, just because the Packers haven’t drafted offensive weapons in the first round doesn’t mean they haven’t had good players around him.

The Packers offensive line is a strong group of guys. Davante Adams is one of the best wide receivers in the game. The Packers TE Robert Tonyan had a great season in 2020. And over the past two seasons, the Packers have only lost six games. Did Aaron Rodgers do all of that on his own? No, he didn’t. Who did? A damn good offensive unit that works together was an integral part of the puzzle. So the mere fact he is complaining about Green Bay not giving him weapons is pure crap.

When an employee gives their boss an ultimatum it’s one thing. But the mere fact that this has been made public, Green Bay should put Rodgers in his place. The organization will look very soft if they cave to his demands. You cannot demand that office personnel is fired or else you won’t play. That is the very definition of taking your ball and going home. That’s something a child would do. Not a 38 year old veteran quarterback..

The bottom line is that Aaron Rodgers is clearly insecure about his position in Green Bay and he is acting out as a child would. I know Green Bay can’t just cut him, but he deserves it. Any team that picks him up is literally enabling his childish behavior. Rodgers is clearly a controversial guy who has issues with his family and with the people at his place of work. At some point, you have to look at the common denominator.

The common denominator is that Aaron Rodgers is an insecure petulant child who will cross his ars and stamp his feet until he gets what he wants. I say if he’s unhappy, find trade value for him and ship him out of Green Bay for good and let the Jordan Love era begin.

At this point, I’d rather see him quit football and go host Jeopardy. Because an attitude like that should not be the leader of an NFL organization.

For more on this developing situation, listen to what Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw has to say about Rodgers and his attitude.

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