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Aaron Rodgers Ghosts Dave Portnoy Regarding Kentucky Derby Ticket? No Longer Bestfriends? | @stoolpresidente @AaronRodgers12

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The friendship between Green Bay Packers star QB Aaron Rodgers and Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy is starting to get rocky.

Months ago while Barstool was really pushing their small business fund, The Barstool Fund, Aaron Rodgers and Portnoy started becoming friends. Some would say they were becoming… best friends!

Recently Portnoy was trying to get tickets to the Kentucky Derby. Portnoy loves betting on Horse Races. And when Portnoy reached out to Aaron Rodgers because he knows that Rodgers is there almost every year, Rodgers said that he might not be going. Saying that he basically forgot about it.

Then Portnoy asked if he’d want to go together and get a table. Rodgers made it seem like they’re going to make it happen. Then out of nowhere Rodgers stopped replying to Portnoy.

After that Portnoy caught wind that Rodgers was actually going.

During The Dave Portnoy Show, Dave talks about it. Saying that it’s going to be very awkward when he ends up seeing Rodgers at the Derby. He’s going either-way and will be there with his friends. He just thought that him and Rodgers would have been a good fit to hangout at the Derby.

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