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Is the Aaron Rodgers Era done in Green Bay?

There is no question that Aaron Rodgers has been carrying the Green Bay Packers franchise ever since he took over the starting job from Brett Favre in 2008.

Whenever Rodgers is healthy and under center the Packers are an instant Super Bowl contender. But what is the rush to resign with Green Bay?

Green Bay is known for building their roster through the NFL draft.

The Packers have no business signing free agents to surround Rodgers with more talent. It’s how they run their franchise, and more often than not, they fail to resign the players they do need to succeed.

The only season that Green Bay has had a top 5 defense, Aaron Rodgers won his one Super Bowl. His talents would be greatly appreciated in Arizona, Denver, Minnesota, and even Jacksonville. As they are in need of a quarterback and posses a defense that a talent like Aaron Rodgers needs to hoist the Lombardi trophy yet again.

Are the Green Bay Packers in danger of losing their future HOF quarterback?

Aaron Rodgers has an opt out clause after the 2017-2018 NFL season. This collarbone injury could be a wake up call to the all-pro quarterback, and he may be rethinking about resigning with the Packers and possibly signing somewhere else.

And this has many NFL analysts asking why shouldn’t he? Peyton Manning molded the idea in 2012 when he signed with the Denver Broncos in 2012 and went to the Super Bowl twice in his few years with the team. He was heavily recruited by many other NFL teams.

Green Bay will certainly do their part to keep him there. Rodgers is projected to be the league’s first 200 million dollar man.

It is just a matter of whether Aaron Rodgers wants to get paid the biggest contract in NFL history or to go to another team win Super Bowls and continue on with his legacy.


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