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Aaron Judge To Be Traded By Yankees?

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The New York Yankees had trade discussions as early as the offseason with the Los Angeles Angels in regards to Aaron Judge. Per Buster Olney of ESPN, the talks were very preliminary as opposed to an actual negotiation of sorts. Clearly nothing came of it as Judge is still in pinstripes, but the Yankees are getting to the point whereby they need to make a decision relatively soon on how to proceed as Judge will be a free agent come 2023.

Although Judge has battled a series of injuries over the past few years, when he has been healthy he’s put up great numbers for the Yankees. Judge has more or less been the “face” of the organization since Derek Jeter retired. But the question is, will the Yankees actually trade him or lock him up for the remainder of his career?

It sounds as if a trade to Los Angeles is a real possibility. With Albert Pulols likely retiring at the end of 2021, there will certainly be some additional money to reallocate if necessary. The Angels would have one heck of a lineup and make them a real contender. If they signed Judge he would be a fantastic addition to their already strong core of Anthony Rendon, Shohei Ohtani and MIke Trout. The would be stacked and have a great chance at making a run at the World Series.

While there are certainly other potential teams out there, the other one that makes the most sense would be the San Francisco Giants. It would be a great “hometown” return for Judge and he would be able to fill the gap that the Giants currently lack in star power. Adding judge would make the Giants much more of a threat in the NL West. Given the fact that the Giants are in a rebuild and it’s Judge’s home town, this seems like a very good option.

My guess is that the Yankees will trade Judge. The question is just a matter of where he ends up. Comment on our Twitter page where you think he will end up, or if he will be in pinstripes for the rest of his career.

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