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AAF Suspending Operations… League Made It 52 Days And ONE Investor Lost OVER $70M

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Well, that’s it. 52 day’s in and the AAF has announced they’re suspending operations. Tom Dundon, the main investor of the AAF, wanted to be associated with the NFL as a developmental league. The NFL said no. So, that’s just about it for the AAF and $70+ million down the drain for Tom Dundon. Report’s have it that that the league was dead in the water when he bailed it out the first time, no matter what co-founder Charlie Ebersol said.

Kind of stupid that with all the money that is in the NFL’s hand’s that they couldn’t put some money in and actually use this league as a developmental league. It was fun while it lasted.

Let’s see what the good ol’ Vince McMahon is going to have in store for the XFL. I betcha he is glad he got to watch this league fold. They are only “suspending” operations right now. Let’s see if the AAF makes a return? I don’t see it happening.

But could Charlie Ebersol the league’s Co-Founder team up with Vince?

What does one of the league’s newly acquired quarterback Johnny “Football” Manziel have to say?

How much money did they burn?

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