A Texas HS Football Player Assaults Ref After He Kicked Him Out of the Game (Video)

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There are a lot of times in which emotion can be good and it can run high in the sport of football, but this high school football player in Edinburg, Texas got heated and took his emotion too far.

Clint Lamb of Clay Travis’s said in his recent blog that defensive player Emmanuel Duron got ejected for a late hit and unsportsmanlike conduct penalties during a game.

And Duron’s reaction to it was beyond what anyone expected.

Reporter Andrew McCullough of The Monitor News tweeted out this thread on what happened during and after the incident.

After the hit, the cart was brought out as a precaution for the referee, but he managed to walk off under his own power. However, he was evaluated for a concussion.

The player later was escorted from the field and out by the police, but was not handcuffed.

I know football can be an emotional sport, but for the player who intentionally attacked the referee after he got ejected, yeah, that’s unacceptable.

There is no update yet on whether the player had been kicked off the team or if there are any charges filed, but it is an assumption that there will be more further discipline for the player (and possibly the team) down the stretch.

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