A San Antonio Brewery Is Making A Big Red Flavored Beer And I’m All Here For It

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Most of the time soda and alcohol are mentioned in the same sentence is either in the form of liquor and soda mixed together (I did a whole tier list of Colas solely for mixing with liquor) or hard soda, which are very hit or miss. Beer and soda are never mentioned together until one local SA brewery decided to say fuck it, Big Red flavored beer. Islla Street Brewing Company are the geniuses behind this, and their description of the beer, fittingly named Big Rojo, is as follows:

“Big Rojo” is a subtlety tart Berliner body finished with REAL Big Red syrup for the iconic sweet smooth finish of the soda that was made for Texas.

Most brewing companies don’t even think about using soda syrup as an additional flavor, which is a massively missed opportunity in my opinion. There’s a ton of room for experimentation with different soda syrups, be it homemade or a big brand one. In this case, the sweet Big Red syrup counteracts the tart style of beer. The perfect beer to go with some barbacoa tacos and start day drinking.

Big Rojo is planned to launch in Texas on July 22nd. For those outside that region, pray this takes off and starts spreading to other regions much like Austin Eastcider did. I can’t fucking wait.

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