A Red Sox vs Astros ALCS is a nightmare for Yankees fans

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Does it get any worse than this if you’re a Yankee fan? Last year we completely shit the bed vs the Rays in the ALDS, this year we play even worse against the Red Sox in the wildcard game, and now we have to watch them play the scumbag Astros in the ALCS. This is nauseating.

Honestly, I really look down upon any Yankee fan who’s gonna turn on their TV to even watch this series. Every single game is a loss no matter which way you look at it. The Red Sox win? Great, our arch-rival who was supposed to be rebuilding reaches the world series for seemingly the 10000th time since we last made it.

Astros win? Nice. Looks like they didn’t need the whole sign stealing thing after all and we complained about absolutely nothing like a bunch of crybaby idiots. Don’t get me wrong, Yankees fans, myself included, are a bunch of crybaby idiots, but we’re the laughing stalk of sports is the Astros get back to the world series.

This is torture man, complete torture. It’s the Major League Baseball equivalent of the age-old question, “you’re an inch deep in your mom and your dad’s an inch deep in you, how do you get out?” Just a complete lose-lose. I hate sports.

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Noah Gagnon

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