A New Way to Watch Sports While we go Through These Hard Times

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We are all going through some scary times right now in the world with COVID-19. It’s like something out of a movie and is affecting every day life for literally everybody.

Unfortunatley, it’s affecting our sports as well, and we won’t be having them for a long time. I love sports like I love my dog. We’ve only been without them for four days at the time of me writing this, and it’s already becoming unbearable.

Thankfully, I think I may have found somewhat of a solution. Now what I’m about to tell you could probably work for any game, but I’d prefer do it on NHL 20. I’d also like to say someone may have already thought of this, but I just wanted to share this idea when I thought of it.

I have the newest NHL video game for PS4, and I love playing it whenever I have some free time. While at work the other night, I came up with the idea of watching CPU controlled games on NHL 20.

Now, I understand this isn’t the same as watching a real game, with the glitchy motions the players make, the occasional stick magically passing through someones body, but hey, it’s better than no hockey at all.

I just got off of work, and I’m currently doing this while writing this blog, and it actually isn’t that bad. There are moments where you get jolts of excitement like when an actual game is on. When your team scores, you actually get excited. When the opponent scores, you are actually upset your goaltender just gave up that goal.

What I did was start a season mode and set it so the games weren’t too long, Around a half hour per game. After you do this, go through adjusting the settings make sure everything is as realistic as possible, and pick your favorite team.

Before you get your first game started, set it to cpu vs. cpu game. Then once you get into the game, change the camera view to broadcast, exit the pause menu, crack a beer, watch your favorite team play, and attempt to have a good time.

Just remember, this is one of your only options for a long time, so at least TRY to enjoy it like it’s the real thing.

It’s not like you can’t get creative with it either. Have some buddies over (or find a way to stream it so they could watch it from the safety of their own homes) to watch the game with you.

Hell, if you figured it out, you could even make bets on it with your friends. Maybe a little over/under action for a couple bucks. Have some brews. Maybe some pizza. Have a good time.

Like I said earlier, you could probably do this with any sports game, but I favor NHL 20. We’re going to be going through this for a while. Might as well try to make things as fun as we can. Stay safe out there everyone!!

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