A New Meme Has Been Born: Nate Robinson Got KNOCKED OUT #TysonJones

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Welp that did not go over how Nate Robinson expected it to go he got KNOCKD out by Jake Paul late in the second round and this was not much of a fight. I don’t know why they let it go on after the first time Nate hit the canvas but they did and this is the result you get plain and simple.

If you are Nate Robinson this is absolutely demoralizing you and your family have to go into the witness protection program because there is no way you can come back from this plain and simple. You just got turned into a meme and Jake Paul will ever let you live this down.

People are already hopping on Twitter to defend Nate saying this was a ‘ghost punch’ let me tell you Nate should win an Oscar for this performance if he was but he got knocked out plain and simple. That is why you can’t cross over to boxing from any other sport it is too dangerous and tonight was a good reminder of that. Not saying Jake is a professional fight but he has been in that lifestyle the past few years. Yikes this going to be tough for Nate and I really do feel bad.

I mean this was a knock out of knock outs he was laid out flat and credit to Jake Paul he said he was going to do it and it came a round later than he predicted but he talked his shit and delivered no doubt about that.

A good question is if any other professional athletes are going to try to cross over into any combat sports after watching this tonight because clearly Nate had no business being in a boxing ring I mean he looked terrible. He clearly never had thrown a punch before training and he wasted six months out of his life to go out and do just that. I mean it is boxing and anyone can get clipped but I give him credit for getting in between those ropes and fighting.

This is my advice for Nate Robinson full a Henry Hill and join the witness protection there is no coming back from this you have been turned into a meme and I can’t imagine what you are and going to have to go through after this. I hope Nate is alright and he is doing well right now!

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