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A Missed Call by the Refs at Lambeau Field Again? What Else is New…

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Our own TrevStone did a blog on a questionable and controversial offsides call against the Tennessee Titans at Lambeau Field earlier tonight, but there was ANOTHER call that was missed by the refs tonight.

During a (supposedly) big run in the second half, Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones appeared to have stepped out of bounds earlier than expected.

The problem: the nearest referee on the play never blew the play dead when Jones’s foot stepped out.

Green Bay would hurry up to the line, and snap the ball away just so the Titans could not challenge that last play.

Yeah, it is Titans coach Mike Vrabel’a fault for not challenging that call, but that ref SEEN that foot go out of bounds and didn’t blow the play dead.

Sigh, just another blown or missed call that goes in the Packers’ favor. Every time. This makes me sick as a Lions fan, and Tennessee fans, I send our condolences in advance.

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