A Man Blames The Pittsburgh Steelers Tie Against The Lions For His Cause of Death In His Obituary #FootballGuy

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In the most Yinzer type of fashion a Steelers fan decided to air his grievances with the Pittsburgh Steelers with his last dying wish. In his obituary he brings up how the Steelers tying with the Detroit Lions is his main cause of death. Sure he may of had life ending liver cancer, but fuck it let’s blame the Steelers.

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People really do forget just how serious Steelers fans take their football. The team just refuses to have awful season as Head Coach Mike Tomlin has never suffered a losing season, so their lows aren’t quite as low as teams like the Lions.

Him wanting to end it all due to the fact that the Steelers tied an awful team is piss pants funny. Many other Steelers fans share his exact sentiment and I love that for Football.

A man who loves his team so much that in his last dying wish he motherfucks the team is such a football guy move. There is hardly anything else that could take the title of football guy away from him.

Lets not forget that this might be Big Ben’s final ride. Hate to see him out here causing people so much emotional pain.

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