A Look Back At Jimmy Butler’s Historic NBA Finals

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Jimmy Butler is coming off one of the best finals performances in recent times. A five seed that not many people had making it far. The season didn’t end how the Heat or Jimmy Butler wanted too but it was one hell of a run so let’s take a look back.

Game 1:

Jimmy Butler’s first-ever finals game and he didn’t disappoint. Jimmy finished with 23/2/5 on 50% from the three and 61% overall from the field. Pretty damn good for your first-ever Finals game but we know Jimmy can do better and needed to do better if the Heat stood a chance. The Heat ended up losing that game, but that was far from Jimmy’s fault. Two Heat starters went down during game one and didn’t return. Jimmy needed to be superman for the Heat throughout the series, especially in the first few games, due to Bam Adebayo and Goran Dragic going down in game one.

Game 2:

The Heat again had two starters out for this game and needed a superhero performance out of Butler. He had another decent performance, doing a little bit of everything in game two. Going for 25/8/13 but only shot 41% from the field. The Heat didn’t get the job done and found themselves down 2-0. No one was blaming Butler for the Heat’s struggles. They were huge underdogs going into the Finals and became even bigger underdogs after the injuries to Bam and Dragic.

Game 3:

Down 2-0, two starters still out, this was Butler’s best game of the series. A superhero performance was finally provided from Butler and it was exactly what the Heat needed. Butler went off for a triple-double, 40/11/13 on a crazy 70% shooting performance. He was a force on the defensive end, grabbing two steals and two blocks, leading the Heat to a 115-104. This was the type of performance Butler needed to have if the Heat had any chance.

Game 4:

The Heat finally got Bam back for game four but still needed Butler to have another insane performance. Butler didn’t duplicate his amazing performance from game three. He played decent but not good enough for Butler’s standards. Butler finished with 22/10/9 almost earning himself another triple-double on 47% shooting but once again didn’t make a three for the third straight game. The Heat dropped this one to the Lakers and found themselves down 3-1.

Game 5:

Remember when I said Butler’s best performance was game three? This was his most impressive performance. Down 3-1 in what was a must-win game Butler played all but one minute in this game, that’s just insane. Butler went off for another triple-double 35/12/11. He once again caused havoc on the defensive end, getting five steals. The second time that Butler has had five or more steals in a game in the postseason in his career. Earning himself his second triple-double of the series, second game with 35 or more points in the series, and his third game with ten or more assists. Butler came up in the clutch and got the Heat to a game six.

Game 6:

Unfortunately, for Jimmy Butler and the Heat, you could tell he was gassed going into this game. Look at that video above, he could barely walk after game five. Who could blame him, he just played 47 of 48 minutes and went for a triple-double, who wouldn’t be tired? Butler played 40 or more minutes in every game in this series outside of game one. This was Butler’s worst game of the series, going for 12/7/8 shooting 50% overall. Butler didn’t have much left in the tank. The Lakers crushed the Heat, winning 106-93, ending the series.

You are never going to be happy when you lose the finals. But Jimmy Butler has nothing to hang his head about. Throughout the series, Butler averaged 29/8/12 and became the second player to lead his team in every stat. He was practically on the court every damn minute. The only time he didn’t play more than 40 minutes was game one when the Heat were down 26 going into the fourth quarter.

Sheesh, what a performance by Jimmy Buckets. Jimmy Butler rose to that star level during these playoffs and cemented that even more in these finals. Do you know what Butler has been doing since the finals ended? He is getting ready to run it back for next season.

I can’t wait to see what Jimmy Buckets has instore for next season.

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