A Julia Rose-Corrina Kopf New Year’s Eve Kiss? Yes Please! – @JuliaRose_33 @CorinnaKopf #corinnakissjulia

Founder of ShagMag magazine and famous Instagram model/World Series flasher Julia Rose asked her followers on Twitters to start a hashtag trend, hoping YouTuber and Instagram model Corinna Kopf can be her New Year’s Eve kiss.

I think Corinna should say yes to Julia’s request. Not only because it would make a great monthly feature for ShagMag, but Corinna is one of the hottest trending social media personalities.

Down below are pictures that show Corinna should be worthy of being Julia’s New Year’s Eve kiss.

She is quite a doll, ain’t she?

Just picturing that kiss from both ladies would be legendary for ShagMag and all of social media.

You can follow Corinna on social media by clicking for her Twitter here and for her Instagram here.


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