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A Group of Out-of-Work Strippers in Portland Establish Boober Eats| @Booberpdx

With much of the United States either under quarantine or lockdown due to the Coronavirus outbreak, a group of strippers are taking on a new type of business after their club was forced to close.

The dancers from Portland, Oregon’s Lucky Devil Lounge are off delivering hot food to customers under their new service called, ‘Boober Eats.’

The system started off as a joke that was posted on social media by the club’s owner, Shon Boulden. However, it is apparently now a thing.

From the times of 7 pm to 1 am PST, Boober Eats offers a variety menu from the Lounge. The delivery rates ranges up to $30, as it varies on distance of the deliveries.

“If someone wants to give us a couple hundred bucks to go to the coast, we’ll do it as long as the girls are taken care of,” Boulden said to the Oregonian.

A couple of their menu items include chicken fingers, steak bites, and mini corn dogs.

In their deliveries, each one is escorted by a security guard. And they all have to abide by one rule—that is to not touch the dancers. The eats also provide masks, disposable gloves, and sanitizing wipes as well.

Boulden said there were about 25 dancers that started the Boober, and many have gone from making hundreds of dollars a night into turning minimum wage income.

“Losing this job is devastating,” said Kiki, a dancer who started her first shift last Friday. “For the majority of us, it’s been an almost complete loss of income. I’m here supporting my community and trying to keep maintaining an income flow as best as we can.”

With the delivery business now booming, Boulden has a good feeling that he will have to employ as much people as he can with the growing demand after the club’s shutdown.

“It’s crazy,” Boulden said. “We mutated our one business into a totally different style of business.”

Feel free to follow them on Twitter for more updates regarding Boober Eats.

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