A Great Twitter Debate is Happening Right Now: If You Could Add Three Toppings To A Hotdog What Are You Adding?

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So if you logged into Twitter last night or early this morning you have seen a great debate that has users going crazy; “If you could add three toppings to a hotdog what are you adding?” A result of this debate has ketchup and mustard trending so I again ask the question what three toppings would you add to a hotdog?

For me I have a pretty standard toppings when it comes to a hotdog I like a little ketchup, mustard, and some diced onions (grilled or raw). Some people on Twitter are very polar opposite when it comes to this topic some are on the only ketchup side and some are on the mustard only side.

I think people on Twitter are confused by this question because it is if you could add only three toppings no one cares if you are hardcore and only eat your glizzy with only ketchup or only mustard that is not the point of this great debate.

Twitter I guess categorized this great debate under ‘politics’ and I cannot blame them. This topic has Twitter divide and it seems like you only either be on the ketchup or mustard side of this debate and that is a shame because personally a little ketchup and mustard goes a long way on a hotdog. Hopefully after everyone has been settled and voiced their opinions Americans can just come together and accept everyones differences on the great toppings debate.

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