A French Fry Shortage Could Be Upon Us. Solution: Buy Cheese Curds

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One of my favorite fast food chain of restaurants is and always has been Culver’s – who can resist a Butterburger Deluxe or a Cheddar Butterburger with Bacon with an order of crinkle cut fries…

Oh wait…

You’ve heard alleged reports of a french fries shortage across North America?

Well, it’s apparently true. It hasn’t been the most favorable growing conditions for potatoes across our continent. Some potato producers reported a rather wet, and cold fall season, which is huge for producing a favorable potato crop. In the state of Idaho, the state that produces the most potatoes, the output or production of potatoes are expected to drop by 5.5%, according to a Business Insider Report. Which could lead to a tight supply of potatoes with an increased demand for the favorite starch – since fast food chains are all that most millennials eat at nowadays – apparently. 

But I have a solution to this

The dairy industry has also been suffering lately and for awhile – all in part to low milk prices and most family farms having to get out of farming due to continued growing debts in their farming operation. Most consumers don’t drink milk during meals like they used to – many due to dairy sensitivity

or other alternatives that consumers now see on the shelf or in the cooler at the grocery store. 

To produce 1 pound of cheese, it takes roughly 10 pounds of milk. A gallon of milk is 8.6 pounds (Thanks Dairy Products Judging – and the Wisconsin FFA.) Even though McDonald’s doesn’t produce Cheese Curds – and (I think they should try, at least with Mozzarella Sticks) – why not go ahead and spend that extra dollar and order a side of cheese curds or mozzarella sticks with your burger? Maybe order a chocolate shake to go with that bad boy too. 

Milk is a good source of protein – which is an essential nutrient in the human body. Our body needs proteins to help build and repair tissues. It helps make enzymes, hormones, and other bodily chemicals.

I can think of no better way to continue to support the American farmer and still be satisfied with your meal choice. 

Please continue to support hardworking American Agriculture

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