A Few Signs Near Presque Isle, Michigan Seen Sprayed With BLM/Die Trump Graffiti on Them

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With all the scrutiny involving racism and coronavirus happening in this country right now, people have their right to protest and express themselves peacefully and safely. However, this seems to be not one of those instances.

Facebook user Kyle Taylor posted on to a group that a few signs in nearby Presque Isle, Michigan (in the northeast Lower Michigan region) had a few signs covered in their town covered with graffiti.

In one or two of the images, the graffiti has the letters ‘BLM’ on the signs there for Black Lives Matter and left one with the words ‘Die Trump’ on it.

We all get the movement behind BLM and what they are aiming for, but placing graffiti and defacing signs for public view and transportation, that’s not a good look for them.

There’s no indication on who was responsible for the graffiti and why they did it, but it is a belief that there will be some firms being handed in the near future.

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