A cold, futile riddled celebration in Cleveland. Browns host ‘Perfect Season 2.0’

The Cleveland Browns have the best fans of any team in the world. They have stood their ground and continued to show this team unconditional tough love.  Cleveland is the epitome of what a football city is.

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This season was very strange for most fans. The Browns compiled a record of 0-16, one year after posting a 1-15 record.  They become only the 2nd team in NFL history to achieve such epic failure, sharing the feat with the 2008 Detroit Lions. So much for not being like Detroit, huh?

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any weirder, they did. With the help and direction of longtime Browns fan, Chris McNeil, the Cleveland Browns and their fans conducted a parade Saturday afternoon in front of a cold, empty FirstEnergy Stadium in honor of their epic 0-16 debacle.

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After ranking dead last in the NFL in total attendance this past season at an underwhelming average of nearly 62,000 fans per contest, more than 2,000 fans showed up at the frostbitten ‘Factory of Sadness’, showing their unwavering support, carrying signs and voicing their opinions on a brutally cold 5° day.

Defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah and a couple of other players on the team took time out and voiced their opinions via social media in efforts to denounce the parade.

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While it may seem like the absolute ultimate embarrassment to lose all 16 of your games, it just goes to show you exactly how much this city undoubtedly loves their dear, struggling Browns.

There hasn’t been much to celebrate when talking about the Browns. They’ve won only 88 out of a possible 304 games since returning to the NFL in 1999, they’ve won 4 games in the past 3 years, they’re on their 9th general manager since their rebirth, and to add insult to futility, 3 Star Wars movies have been released since their last victory.

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Even with all of that going on, the future of the franchise appears to be headed in the right direction……finally. They have a rebooted front office, a boatload of cap space, and have the most picks in the draft (13) for the 3rd consecutive season, including two top 5 selections.

In all honesty, this is as low as it gets. People said it couldn’t get any worse after last season. That statement officially holds true now. The Cleveland Browns and their fans are hoping to put their memories of this year as far behind them as possible.

You figure something has to give sooner or later, right?

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Keep on keeping on, Dawg Pound. Every dog has their day and it shall be here soon. Just stay positive, prepare for a busy offseason, and don’t get rid of those season tickets just yet. You might miss when things start to get better.


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