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62-Year-Old Michigan Man Found ‘Frozen to Death’ In Unheated Home

According to WLUC TV6 via WJRT ABC 12 Flint, Arnoul Jaros, a 62-year-old downstate Michigan man was found dead in his home that was unheated at the time.

Photo Courtesy: WLUC TV-6

The family said they visited Auros to invite him to dinner, but no one answered the door. It was not uncommon for him, because he doesn’t typically like to socialize.

However, there were no signs of movement and he had a full mailbox with his last letter postmarked back to the date of Jan. 16.

Those events was what led to bring their attention to the police; and after they did a search, they said they found Jaros’ body literally ‘frozen to death.’

“They went inside. They were inside for just a few minutes, and they came out and told us they found him frozen to death. That’s what they said to us,” said Karina Jaros, Arnoul’s niece.

Even though Arnoul never complained about his physical health, the living conditions, along with the bitter cold, was what also a leading cause to his death.

“He’s very, very skinny. He didn’t have a lot of fat to live on, and if you can’t cook, can’t take a hot shower, can’t microwave anything to eat or drink, eating cold foods, there’s no words,” said Karin Jaros, the man’s sister-in-law.

Karin said that Arnoul tried to cope with the cold with blankets and a lot of curtains to their windows, but she said Arnoul also had suffered some type of social anxiety.

The family is expecting an autopsy report to be released in the next couple days.

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