The Curse Of Oak Island

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Metal Detector Gary Drayton From The Curse Of Oak Island

By now you’ve more than likely heard the name ‘Gary Drayton’ who is one of the members from the TV series, The Curse of Oak Island. Here are five things that majority of the people didn’t know about him. Be sure to comment how many things you new before hand.

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5. Other TV Shows?

Gary has also appeared on Expedition Unknown with Josh Gates. And he is also appeared on The Curse of Civil War Gold.

4. How did Gary get his start?

Gary was raised on farms in rural Lincolnshire, England, where he was, “always looking down, picking up coins,” and other artifacts such as glass and pottery. He took his curious finds home and carefully researched their history.

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3. When Did He Start To Go Full Time With Metal Detecting?

After finding a 1790 gold guinea on a riverbank he decided to go into metal detecting full time. 

2. You can buy his book and merch on his website!

You can buy it by clicking here.

1. His best find?

A $500,000 gold and emerald piece connected to the ancient Incas.

Let me know how many of these you new before you jumped on here.

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