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As people around the world gathered to watch the price of Doge Coin and smoke weed on 4/20, the price of the coin actually dipped. Some people started to say that it shows that this coin is a complete failure. On the other hand in my opinion it has shown the complete opposite.

Here are my 5 reasons to be actually happy about the dip in the price on Doge Day. Doge isn’t going anywhere.

5. Some Winners Sold – Don’t Be Upset

As some people have made millions from Dogecoin some people are starting to sell. They’re happy with the amount of money that they made. But that doesn’t mean they’re gone forever, those millionaires will be promoting the coin. Buying dips. Don’t be upset that on the ‘Doge Day’ people sold. One person became a millionaire off of Dogecoin from his Stimulus check. Some of those people actually celebrated Doge Day with buying houses, cars, and adding money to their bank accounts.

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4. Everyone Is Hearing ‘Doge’ It’s A Good Thing

Everyone knows about Dogecoin. When other people in my family are investing into a crypto that is saying something. People know that the future is coming. Every news channel has been talking about Dogecoin.

Every business is tweeting out Doge. Companies are adding Dogecoin to images on their social media.

This is all a good thing. Click here to read and about some of the free publicity on 4/20.

3. Elon Musk?

Elon Musk has seemed someone quiet about Doge Coin lately, I’m sure that he’s busy and a crypto coin that makes him laugh and extra money isn’t his #1 priority. When Musk is quiet that normally means he is working on something. As you can see by his Twitter account that’s always true. Musk is working 24/7 on building his empire.

Having Musk’s support though is huge. And everyone can only wait to see what’s next for Doge and Musk.

2. Proven To Be Steady

A week ago from today the coin was at .12 cents and it hasn’t looked back since. The coin has steady hung around the .30 cent mark. Which is very impressive seeing where it was at a week ago. It jumped past .12 cents and is hanging around the .30 cent mark. It’s only a matter of a time until the coin hits .45 cents again like it did days ago and then ends up sitting around the .40 cent mark.

The coin has proven to be steady. That shows support.

1. Buy more

If you are worried about the little dip from .45 to .30, I’m no financial expert but what I’ve realized is when a coin or stock hits a certain high and drops it tends to more than likely hit that high again. So buy the dips.

That’s what I do anyway.

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