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5 Reasons Detroit Shouldn’t Fire Matt Patricia

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The Detroit Lions season has been a complete roller-coaster but when isn’t it? I understand that you’re not happy the way the ball has bounced this season, but should we move on from Matt Patricia already? I truly don’t think so… Here are my five reasons why. 

5. We’ve been ahead in EVERY game!

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This is a fact. The Detroit Lions offense has been outstanding ALL season, doesn’t matter if it’s Matthew Stafford throwing the ball or Jeff Driskel – Detroit has weapons all over the field.

Detroit has been ahead in EVERY single game this season. Yes, they need to close better… But this shows that they’re a solid football team and are competing. No blowouts. Which has been nice. If this team was “THE SAME OLD LIONS” they would be getting blown out… especially without Matthew Stafford in the game.  

4. Let’s be more like Pittsburgh

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One thing that I enjoy about Pittsburgh’s franchise is they always give a “youngish” coach a job and then they stick with them.

Pittsburgh has had three coaches since 1969. Detroit? 16.

They won FOUR Super Bowl with Chuck Noll….. Doesn’t shock you? Well… His first couple season’s didn’t go as planned, 1-13, 5-9, 6-8… then everything started clicking after that. 

3. Bringing in THE RIGHT people:

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Detroit continues to attempt to get better in the offseason and last offseason was the exact same. Detroit brought in multiple big free agents starting with Trey Flowers, Mike Daniels, Danny Amendola, and Justin Coleman… That’s besides the “upgrades” that they’ve brought in elsewhere on the team. 

The best signing this season was the hire of O.C. Darrell Bevell who has the offense shining. The best we’ve seen Detroit look in years. Continuing every week to put up big numbers.  


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We need players who are going to buy into Matt Patricia’s system. Winning will do that. But don’t forget that Bill Belichick’s start didn’t go as planned. It took about four years for him to develop a winning team and culture.

Has it been worth it? Yes.

I’m not saying that Patricia will ever live up to the Bill Belichick comparison but we needed someone to come in and try and change this locker room and entire organization.

I’m sick of hearing about how players in the locker room don’t like Patricia,  what players have said that? None of the players who’ve came from New England or players who’ve been apart of winning teams. It’s been players who’ve been apart of the Lions organization before Patricia. Why aren’t winners complaining? Because they know what goes into WINNING.

Also… When was the last time that it felt like a coach had a vision and actually showed that they’re into change? Never.

Let this happen. It’ll be the best thing that we’ve ever did! Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia will bring Detroit it’s first Super Bowl, give them time. Not just one year. Not just two years. Not just three. Give them time. I’d just like 1 Super Bowl in the next 10 years. What if it takes three total years (next year) for Patricia to bring us to the playoffs? What if it takes four total until we win a playoff game? Would it be worth it? Yes. Trust the process. 

1. We can’t forget the B.S that’s happened this season

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The tie week one… complete and utter bullshit. The Kansas City game… The b.s in the Green Bay Packers game. 

One or two plays go our way in every game and this season would have been completely different, sometimes you can’t control the way the ball bounces.

This team doesn’t get blown out, they compete each and every week… NO matter what injuries the team has, who is playing QB… This team continues to compete.

I love that.  Although again… That’s mainly because the offense continues to put up HUGE numbers, but the defense cannot stop a nosebleed.

But another factor that plays into this has been injuries. Yeah, every team get’s hurt, has big players go down… This isn’t an excuse but Detroit has been banged up all off season and regular season. 

Please fire Paul Pasqualoni.



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