49ers Injuries Keep Coming: George Kittle Out Eight Weeks With Broken Foot, Jimmy Garoppolo Sidelined

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Yeesh, the injuries keep coming for this 49ers team. Now their star tight end is going to miss most of, if not the rest of the season. Kittle has already caught for 474 yards on 37 catches for two touchdowns. To make matters worse for the 49ers, this wasn’t the only injury news of the day.

Talk about a luck of bad breaks. Not only is their tight end hurt, the starting quarterback is hurt again. The 49ers are 4-4, still in contention for the playoffs but the injures keep piling up.

Just a mess for the 49ers who were in the Super Bowl last season. Can’t really blame them for the setback this year with all these injuries. There hasn’t been a team this year with worse luck for injuries than the 49ers.

Follow up all the injury news, the 49ers now have to play a 5-2 Green Bay team on a short week. After that the schedule doesn’t get prettier for the 49ers.

Outside of Dallas and Washington, all those teams have winning records. The 49ers had so much promise going into this year. Hell, they were a quarter away from winning a SuperBowl, before blowing a 10 point lead to the Chiefs the fourth. Now at 4-4 and what seems like your whole team hurt, plus that daunting schedule ahead. Better luck next year 49ers.

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