4-Year-Old Girl Found Floating On A Unicorn 1 Mile Off Coast of Greece

A passing ferry rescued a small child in Greece that was floating adrift in the open sea near the port of Rio, east of the city of Patras, on Monday!

“She was in a state of shock. She was clinging on this inflatable toy and did not move, she was frozen. When she saw us approaching, she shrieked,” said the captain of the ferry who did the rescue, Grigoris Karnesis to Mega television.

The 4-year old was swimming with her when strong currents picked up!

“As I was approaching the port of Antirrio, I was informed by port authority that a child with an inflatable toy had been swept away by the currents. I located her and left directly for her rescue,” Karnesis said.

“She was one with the unicorn… she had turned to a pillar of salt. She had lost contact with the environment ,” the ferry captain continued.

“The child’s mother was in a similar state when she was called to pick her up. The shock was great for both of them,” he added.

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