4 Bold Predictions For The NFL Season

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Tonight is the night the NFL officially kicks off the season as Tamba Bay faces Dallas. Every year there are some weird things that happen in NFL that some people predict but nobody thinks will happen, well here’s mine.

The Patriots overtake the Bills

Yup, you read that correctly I don’t see the Bills winning the division. They had a fantastic year and Josh Allen had his breakout season but now it’s time for teams to adjust. The main reason I think the Bills win the division for back-to-back years is due to the Patriots making the moves they did. Patriots were still an average team with multiple defensive starters out, no weapons on offense, and once Cam Newton came back from Covid a shell of a QB. They went out and spent money on weapons on both sides of the ball that under Bill’s system which is you do what you do best will have them be at the top of the division once again.

Najaee Harris wins Rookie Of The Year

Rookie runningback Najaee Harris will win the rookie of the year award this season. Harris will be a big part of the Steelers offense this season as Ben Rothlisberger is only the Ben of old the first 4 weeks of the season then it’s a huge decline so they will rely on the run game to get them to the promised land. The Steelers have always been a blue-collar team and what’s more blue-collar than having a runningback ground and pound your ways to victory. I believe Najee will end up with 1100 yards rushing and 350 yards receiving with 13 TD’s on the year securing the rookie of the year award.

What Najee brings to the table on offense

The Browns Defeat the Cheifs To Make The Super Bowl

While the Chiefs are one of the most stacked teams in the league making the Super Bowl is tough let alone making it consecutively like they have these last 2 years. The offense will always be top of the league as long as they have those weapons and that QB but teams will try and follow what Tampa Bay did to win the Super Bowl, long methodical drives, and make Mahomes run for his life. Their run comes to an end and the team to knock them off will be the Cleveland Browns. The Browns battled the Cheifs in the playoffs last year barely losing and this year they get the revenge they desire. The Browns improved their defense on all levels that will make scoring n them theoretically harder.

Matthew Stafford Wins The Super Bowl and MVP

Perhaps the boldest take I believe will happen is Stafford accomplishing what he always could accomplish, winning the MVP and Super Bowl trophies. Stafford dealt with a dumpster fire of a franchise for the entirety of his career and now he’s part of an organization that seems to be a good one. He has the coach that he’s always needed in the mastermind of offensive schemes in Sean McVay. This is his coming out party and he needs to dominate in a major way to show that he is what a lot of people thought he was while he was in Detroit. MVP is all about narratives and Stafford has a good one. Career wasted in Detroit goes and dominates with boy wonder in McVay to prove that the problems for both of them respectively was the Detroit Lions decision making for Stafford and Goff’s inconsistent play for McVay.

What are some of your bold predictions for this upcoming season?

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