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3 Reasons Why I Should Fight Bryce Hall At Rough N Rowdy [TikToker vs Fat Blogger?]- @stoolpresidente @BryceHall @stoolpresidente

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It appears that Bryce Hall will soon be making his way to boxing during the popular Barstool Sports, Rough N Rowdy. Hall recently said on an episode of the podcast BFFs that he would be interested but they’re not sure who he would fight yet:

Three months ago I started strongly disliking Bryce Hall, I don’t know why. I randomly decided to buy because of the fact that I think that he’s a small tool bag. I’m sick of watching him walk around like he’s everything. Yeah, McBroom ‘put him in his place’ but imagine if a lifelong blogger did?

Ticket Sales?

Bryce Hall might be able to fight another person with a big name but if that happens the amount of money that would be split up wouldn’t be enough for Barstool to make a bunch of money. I wouldn’t need much and the founder of ProSportsExtra fighting in Rough N Rowdy will draw some attention. Billy Football vs Jose Canseco had majority of the sales because of Jose. PSE has over 13,000,000 website views this year and we could drive sales as well. Wouldn’t be the name that Bryce Hall has but it does have a name. And he’s only a year younger than I am


I’m Just Starting To Box

Clearly Bryce Hall stepping into a fight with Austin McBroom was a huge mistake. Hall didn’t stand a chance, I’m just starting to box but whatever I do, I go 100%. If I know I have to train for this, I’ll be in the best shape of my life and will make sure that Bryce Hall is knocked out.

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