28 Years Ago Latrell Sprewell Made His NBA Debut. One Of Most Electrifying Shooting Guards Of The 90s

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Four time NBA All Star made his debut 28 years ago today. If one thing is for sure he was one of the most exciting and talented shooting guards during the 90s. The NBA during the 90s were definitely a special time and one of the most exciting shooting guards no doubt was Sprewell, he was a walking highlight reel. He was lethal around the rim and devastating in the paint, he definitely spearheaded the dominant guard movement. He was an explosive guard that could change the course of a game with one of his highlight dunks or layups.

Latrell will forever be remembered for choking out his coach P.J. Carlesimo and thus forcing his way to the New York Knicks. One thing is for sure about Sprewell he was a ‘star’ that wanted to be a Knick and really cared about the city and wanted to win. It is a shame that the Knicks never won a title they were so close against the Spurs and Sprewell carried that team. Unfortunately I am too young to have watched Latrell in person or anything and I am sad because of that! What a special talent!

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