2020 Has Been So Long Bronny James Looks Like A Grown Man Already.

Seriously how long has 2020 been? I remember in the beginning of this year Bronny looked like an average 16 year old. Over night it appears he has aged ten years and looks like a full grown man.

His appearance is shocking Twitter because it seriously seems of all a sudden he has gone through a huge growth spurt. He is at least 6’5 right? If anyone was questioning if he is going to be good he certainly going to have the body to be great. What are in the James gene I mean Bronny has literally transformed into a totally new body.

LeBron must of put Bronny to work right after he got home from the bubble and after he learned about Bronny smoking weed. From this one picture he looks like he has gained about twenty pounds of muscle easy. He is going to be great book it.

I am fully aware that it is very hard for great players to have kids who end up being great in the same respective sport. It didn’t happen for Michael Jordan kids, but it is far more likely for average players to have kids who end up being great example Dell and Steph Curry. The road ahead for Bronny is going to be long but I am sure being LeBron James son is already beneficial in trying to land a scholarships and landing with a big time program.

It is interesting to note when Bronny is a senior it will be 2023 that is anticipated to be the first year where highschool players can declare for the NBA Draft. That is three years from now it is very possible that we will see LeBron and Bronny James in the NBA together. How cool would that be? This is super possible because we all know the care LeBron has for his body he invests millions of dollars a year into his body. We could see this I know LeBron wants that very badly!

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