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17-Year NBA Veteran LeBron James Throws Down Possible Dunk of the Year (Video)

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Future NBA Hall-of-Famer, three-time NBA champion, and current 17-year veteran LeBron James brought a lesson towards younger players on how to possibly get Dunk of the Year.

When the Los Angeles Lakers played the Houston Rockets last night, the NBA legend made an impressive dunk as James twirled the ball around windmill-style to a 360 and dunking the ball, while appearing to be running the air.

That dunk also seemed like a split image from when the late Kobe Bryant did his in 2001, same dunk style and same rim.

Even the Rockets beat LA 121-111 in the game, it may have cemented James’ dunk for the Dunk of the Year title.

I’m sure that LeBron has many dunks and plays that is more noticeable. But just like Barstool Sports said in the video above, it is a crime that LeBron was never in the All-Star contest throughout his career.

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