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17 Hours: Mississippi To New Jersey A Brandon Walker Saga

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What a bet!!! Last year was the Yell Leader Push incident. Now this year could be even better content from old BWalk. That almost got him fired but instead turned him into B90x. What is this huge loss going to do?

I’m mean come on!! What amazing content created all from a stupid bet. Who would of have though a Mississippi State vs Texas A&M game would push the meter after the fact. To start off the 2020 season BWalk had the up most confidence in his new coach and QB to revenge his embarrassing moment of the past year.

Brandon went into the game with mild confidence his team could pull the upset but by half time I think he knew. Although not looking great in the last two games, BWalk thought the Leach Costello combo would for sure come through. Costello kept making mistakes and the offense just wasn’t clicking. And Brandon Walker knew it might be back to back losses for his Bulldogs.

The writing looked like it was on the wall and Kayce Smith was trying not to dance on Brandon’s grave.

After the half Mississippi State found itself down 28-7 going into the fourth quarter. They made the change and put in Will Rogers at QB? Hoping for a spark which they received with a great first drive in the fourth and scored an offensive TD 28-14.

But the stars were not aligned for the miraculous comeback of the Bulldogs. However the stars are aligned for a 17 hour content trip of Brandon Fucking Walker and stat girl Katie. While his team is still at the bottom of the SEC, his content will remain top of the Barstool Sports viewers hearts. Final from StarkVegas A&M 28 HailState 14. Safe travels BFW, safe travels.

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