12 Years Later And 18 Months Spent In Prison It’s Time To Leave Michael Vick Alone, Let Him Live! Let him be a part of the Pro Bowl

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Majority of people know the story about former NFL star Michael Vick and dog fighting and if you don’t go ahead and Google it… But as most know there is there is a petition being signed by hundreds of thousands of people to NOT allow NFL Legend Mike Vick to be a Pro Bowl Legends captain.

Majority of the people reading this might disagree with me but this is honestly sad. Vick served his time… This happened 12 years ago, this entire “cancel” culture and not allowing people to get back on their feet after making mistakes is unbelievable.

Vick spent 18 months in prison, got his life back and the NFL allowed him back. But now…. Now… you’re going to bring him back up because the NFL wants to recognize him for his play on the field?

The NFL allowed him back after the dog fighting happened, you don’t think they should let him be apart of the Pro Bowl? You probably don’t even watch the Pro Bowl.

Yes, the Vick situation from 2007 is terrible… But it happened in 2007! People need to learn forgiveness. Vick messed up, he realized that. He doesn’t deserve death threats anymore and honestly if you’re wishing death upon a human you’re a pile of….

As pointed out:

In 2009, Donté Stallworth struck and killed a pedestrian while speeding and it was later found out that he was under the influence of alcohol and received a sentence that was a fraction of what Vick got.

Hall of Famer and a player that’s regarded as probably the best player of all time Lawrence Taylor was charged with having sex with a minor and received six years of probation but no one makes a sound about it.

Think about it… It’s really not right. Vick is a better man now. He has moved on from his wrongdoings.

Give it up already! Let Vick move on.

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