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12 Hottest Barstool Sports Employees Going Into 2022

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In the past years we’ve done blogs on the top 7 hottest Barstool employees but now we have to add onto that. Barstool is starting to be overrun with top female content and it only makes sense! They’re smart, great at making content, and trust me they’re great looking. Going from trying to ‘rank’ 7 of the hottest to now 12 is nearly impossible. There are many that were close to making the list and ranking them is hard because they’ve all got there own unique features.

Feel free to click the NEXT button at the bottom of each content creator to head to the next. Let’s get this started.

12. Jordyn Woodruff

Jordyn is a NEW talent hire at Barstool Sports from Minnesota. She is obsessed with all things pop culture, TikToker Tea and entertainment news. She’s a cutie!

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