It Has Been An Hour Since Paul George Signed His Massive Extension With The Clippers And Pandemic P Is Already Trending

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Twitter has absolutely no chill. We are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic and the Clippers announced they signed Paul George to a five year $226 MILLION dollar extension. As soon as the announcement was made people began clowning ‘Pandemic P’ as they have been calling him. Twitter is a very toxic place huh?

I can’t imagine logging on Twitter and see people relentlessly clowning you to no end. People are really wild. But I guess Paul has the upper hand on everyone else now that he is $200 million dollars richer. Imagine logging on to Twitter and see the world calling you Pandemic P when we are the middle of an actual pandemic cannot be a good feeling I would think.

Is Paul George committing robbery? I guess that is what everyone really is talking about he did not have a great year last season and that year the Clippers were the clear favorite to win the title but got bounced by the Nuggets in the playoffs.

Breaking down his contract it looks like the Clippers are screw from a cap prospective. Money is definitely going to be tight and if the Clippers do not win it all in the next two years they surely will break this team up, they will have too. I do not know how they justify giving Paul George this much but if they think that this is their guy well good for them. But what we saw from last season Kawhi and George really did not work that well together. That is a lot of money for PG and the Clippers must of thought they would lose him in free agency this coming offseason so they had to lock him up.

The only way this is an obvious win for the Clippers is if they win it all plain and simple. PG will need to learn quickly how to become the second option and you only hope that Ty Lue tries to instill that in him and quickly. Maybe with the short layoff from last season to this one that is starting in weeks Paul has learned from what happened last year and it fuels him this season. Personally I think Paul George is a top player and this league and think he can make it work with the Clippers but that is a lot of money they are giving him.

Time will tell if this deal is a win for the Clippers in due time but I figure unfortunately it will not but, I will not ever bet against Kawhi Leonard. I just can see this team having to break things up in the next two seasons if things do not work out and they do not win it all.

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