YouTuber Charles Ross VlogsCreations (RossCreations) Takes Plea Deal After Court Case For Impersonating A Police Officer | @creationsross

YouTuber Charles Ross (VlogCreations/RossCreations) who is known for filming pranks took a plea deal after he was arrested for pretending to be a police officer. (Click here to read the original report.)

He will be on probation for six months for unlawful use of a badge, a first degree misdemeanor. He was facing a felony, up to a couple of years in prison.

The incident occurred around 4PM on April 1st, yes, April fools day. A woman parked her car at Steak n’ Shake while he approached with saying “Ma’am I’m going to have to write you a ticket.”

At first she thought he was a real officer at first, but was confused on why he was saying she parked in a handicap spot, although she didn’t. She claims she raised her voice to draw attention to herself and that’s when he became more aggressive. Then he told her it was a prank and offered her concert tickets.

How soft to call the cops on a prank like this… If someone tells you it’s a prank and you call the cops you must be at a very low point in your life. Honestly. Take a joke.

Fans of Ross (myself included) and Ross must be very happy that he isn’t going to be in jail or prison. His videos are hilarious. 

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