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You know you’re getting some when you roll up to a College and a sign says “Cum 4 The Gluck Gluck 9,000” NELK Boys Talk Call Her Daddy In Recent YouTube Video | @CallHerDaddy @NELKFilmz @905Shooter @JesseSebastiani @kyleforgeard @sofiafranklyn @AlexandraCooper

YouTubers apart of the group NELK are sure some lucky guys… On top of taking over YouTube could you imagine rolling up to a college and seeing this sign on the outside of the dorms?

Cum 4 the Gluck Gluck? Don’t mind if I do!

Don’t know what it means?

Look up Call Her Daddy.

Know what it is?

You know what’s going down. These girls are pretty crazy. I wonder what Alex and Sofia think about this. They’re teaching them well! Keep it up. 😅

If you want to watch the episode of NELK when they feature this sign and talk about Call Her Daddy here you go:

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