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Yooper High School Students Throw Eggs At Funeral Home and At People Outside, Hitting One! (PLEASE SHARE)

Image Courtesy: O’Neill Dennis Funeral Home

How incredibly disrespectful. 

Yooper high school students from the Houghton/Hancock area were caught throwing eggs at O’Neill Dennis Funeral Home during a funeral service, per Facebook post by Jessica Houle-Rubich. 

O’Neill Dennis Funeral Home (Courtesy Photo: O’Neill Dennis Funeral Home’s Website)

The students were believed to be driving a silver Jeep Grand Cherokee at the time of Houle-Rubich’s father’s funeral, and one of the eggs that the kids threw hit a woman in the hand. 

You can find the full screenshot images of those posts down below. 

Just the next day, Houle-Rubich posted on Facebook that those students have called her and apologized for the egg-throwing. She even said that she knew them personally as well. 

Houle-Rubich said in her first post that she’ll be contacting one of the schools, and who knows what happens next to those students. 

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