Yes, Nickelback is Good – Don’t @ Me

The time has come to tear down your walls of hate and admit that Nickelback is good. Not like, just pretty good either. Legitimately good.

With this article, you can finally stop pretending to hate Nickelback while secretly having their greatest hits on iTunes.

I mean, who doesn’t want to roll down their windows without a care in their world, flying down the highway and blasting their 2008 hit, “Gotta Be Somebody.” It’s an uplifting song about hope, and who doesn’t love the concept of that? Their hit “Rockstar” is a fun song about wanting to live the crazy life of a rockstar. “Photograph” is about memories and photographs bringing you back to your childhood. The messaging is fun and uplifting, so what’s the problem?

At some point in the internet hate culture, we all started pretending to hate Nickelback. Well, not me – I didn’t give a shit what the conventional wisdom was. I just knew I could jam out to Nickelback and have the energy to feel like I could destroy a thousand fucking moustache-wearing villains with my bare hands.

According to a researcher in Finland, you can trace Nickelback hate to 2008, when the band licensed “Rockstar” for a furniture commercial, which led to memes, jokes and protests. They became the anti-rock, rock band. A Canadian Police Chief once threatened to torture DUI suspects with their music. They were hit with bottles and rocks at a hard rock concert. A company created an app to block everything Nickelback from your internet experience. Almost 56,000 NFL fans signed a petition to prevent Nickelback from playing a single song at halftime in a game between the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions. 

Don’t let the hate flowing through your veins get in the way of the inconvenient truth though – Nickelback has sold over 50 million records worldwide. “How You Remind Me” was the best-selling rock song of the decade in the United States. Enjoying your humble pie yet, haters?

So, take the Nickelback challenge. If you like their music, puff out your chest and sing it loud. Fuck the noise. And if you don’t like Nickelback, in the words of professional wrestler James Storm, “Sorry, about your damn luck.”

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