WWE Missed an Opportunity to Give Fans Something to Talk about at SummerSlam

When was the last time you texted a friend, “Yo, you watching wrestling?  This is crazy?!?”

I bet it wasn’t when Trish Stratus squared up against Charlotte Flair, coming up half a foot short, proving which era of women’s wrestling is superior.  Sure it was cool when Trish copied the Figure 8 from Charlotte, but the moment will be remembered poorly when Trish couldn’t keep her shoulders up any longer and Charlotte had to just roll to the ropes to break the count.

Maybe you popped big-time, when you heard, “You think you know me…” right before Edge returned in his home country.  But once you realized he wasn’t going to say a word, like an extra in a movie that the producers didn’t want to have to pay, you probably lost interest quickly. 

Your probably thinking that the Fiend’s debut entrance was absolutely captivating.  This is true but the glorified squash match right before Finn Balor goes on vacation was more like a final vignette for this new character than the start of a feud to get fans to tune into tomorrow night to see what happens.

Taped segments of Bret Hart and Ric Flair were nice, but ultimately felt like repeats from the Raw Reunion act that just ended.  Alexa Bliss’ tribute to Buzz Lightyear, along with Ricochet to Black Panther were fun, but the moments passed as fast as the next segments came.  R-truth and Carmella as Shania Dwayne and Dwayne Gretzky was hysterical, but will anyone subscribe to the WWE Network to follow the 24/7 Championship storyline?

The Phoenix Splash countered into a Styles Clash during the United States Championship match was beautiful.  So was the Belly to Bayley Finisher in the Smackdown Women’s Championship match.  But the reality is that both those spots could be seen on a good episode of Raw or Smackdown respectively.

Becky beat Natalya with the disarmer.

Goldberg squashed Dolph in less than 2 minutes and speared him 3 times.

Eias’ shennagians couldn’t stop Kevin Owens from defeating Shane O’Mac.

An RKO on a flying Kofi was quickly forgotten after the match ended in no contest.

Seth and Brock burned the house down, but nobody was excited for this match to begin with because we have seen it so many times before.

All in all, the world just kept on spinning and nothing of significance changed within the landscape of the WWE.  You could have missed this show completely and tuned into the Raw tomorrow night without skipping a beat.

And this is the second biggest pay-per-view of the year.  Many eyes were on the product tonight (as evidenced by the glitchy Network that many people complained about on Twitter) and it seems like the WWE missed a moment.

What if Kevin Owens lost, quit and AEW rumors started flying around in his absence?

What if Goldberg intentionally ran into the ring post again, bladed so he gushed red and Dolph Ziggler lost via count-out because he walked out refusing to work with this injury machine?  And the audience was left to determine if it was a work or a shoot.

What if Roman Reigns was on the FREAKING card?  What if he drove a car literally IN TO the ring while Rowan was having a random match, just to scare the piss out of him?

The WWE does not need to go back to objectifying women or unguarded chair shots to the head to bring back the mystique of the Attitude Era.  They can be great within the realm of the PG Era.  They just need to get fans talking again!

That was the beauty of the Monday Night Wars; people were arguing in live time which show deserves their viewership for their night.  There was a buzz back then around the prodcut- a buzz that was noticeably absent tonight at SummerSlam.

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