Giannis For MVP?

Forgive me. I know that it is only 3 games into the season, but I think this year’s MVP race might already be a wrap. This isn’t some “hot take” for clickbait, but more of an honest feeling about this season already.  There have already been some early signs that indicate why Giannis will win this season’s MVP, but let me explain in more detail.

Superteams are eliminating some of the best players in the league from contention. Look across the league.

The Warriors, loaded with MVP caliber players, are too unselfish to dominate the ball and produce MVP-like stats. Steph and KD are the only potential candidates to win a MVP on this roster. However, Draymond, Klay, and others have the capabilities to take over a game on any given night. The league won’t view these former MVP winners as players who “carry” a bad team.

Cleveland? Super talented. Lebron is more than capable of winning an MVP this season. But, that isn’t the most important thing on his mind. His goal is to gel this newly formed roster and have it prepared for April and most likely June.

Houston? James Harden gave Westbrook a run for his money in last year’s MVP race. However, this year they added superstar Chris Paul. Although Chris is having some injury issues (as always) and hasn’t had a huge impact thus far, the Rockets know that they need to incorporate Paul’s skillset into their offense. He is too talented of a player to sit in the corner and shoot 3’s.

Oklahoma City? They currently have the reigning NBA MVP and the most explosive player in basketball, Russell Westbrook. With offseason additions of Paul George and Carmelo Anthony, Westbrook has actual talent to play with this season. Everyone knows that he can rebound and pass. Don’t get me wrong, he can score, but last year it often took him 30 shots to score 30 points. He hasn’t been the most efficient player on the offensive end, which has hurt him in late game/playoff situations. This year he is already playing more within the point guard role by distributing to George and Melo, while being more selective with his shots. He will still average near a triple double (I would guess 24/10/8), but that won’t be enough given his 2016 numbers.

That only leaves Giannis, if we are talking about legitimate candidates. No, Lonzo, John Wall, or Kyrie Irving will not be able to put up the number that the Greek Freak will this season. He already is averaging 38/10/5 currently through 4 games. Call me crazy, but I really think he will average 30 this season. He is a matchup nightmare for anyone and will be fed lots of shots per game for the Milwaukee Bucks to compete in the East. Giannis may be the next player to take over the top spot in the league.

His ceiling…well…you can’t see it. It’s that high.

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