White Sox Dave hotter than the Rocket???

Yesterday Barstool Sports held their annual Cyber Monday telethon, and to make it even more interesting El Pres decided that for every $40,000 of merch sold that WSD had to throw a pitch under the radar. Now for many Stoolies you know that WSD and Jared “The Rocket” Carrabis have had some beef for a little over a year now in regards who has more juice on their fastball. Well after last night we can now not only say that the Rocket has in fact not stayed hot but that White Sox Dave is either juicing or he just in fact has the juice like that. WSD got out there and threw as perfect a game as any old out of shape blogger could, hitting 76 on the radar while the Rocket could only muster up a measly 72 on the gun… Quite embarrassing if you ask me. I mean for someone who is an “unbiased national baseball writer” you’d assume he had a little bit of gas in the tank but boy howdy were we fucking wrong.

Stay Hot WSD.

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