What we learned in Week 13

by Kyle Dollar | Posted on Monday, December 10th, 2012
I can definitely say that Week 13 had a lot of intriguing and interesting match-ups. This is what we thought heading into the week, but as always the NFL delivered us a few surprises like they always do. But that’s the reason why we play the game, right? Heading into the week, the play-off picture would come into focus even more as we rolled in to the last quarter of the season. Sunday made us anticipate an exciting end to the season and right into the playoffs. We saw some outcomes we expected and some just surprised us to no end. But either way, we learned some things at the end of the day.
  1. The Atlanta Falcons showed they aren’t as “dominant” as their record showed. 11-1 heading into Week 13 and was set to take on the last place Carolina Panthers. I might be a little harsh on them but after this week I can say “I told you so”. I really didn’t see them losing to the Carolina Panthers but I do know their schedule only gets tougher from here. If they want to prove themselves as an elite team in the playoffs, they need to begin to show it these last three weeks. They haven’t secured home field advantage in the playoffs just yet and could be in danger of not even getting a first round bye. Next week we will see if this team can bounce back from a loss like they have this season. Their lucky opponent this week? The defending Super Bowl Champions.
  2. Andrew Luck continues to lead his team to victory. Although we knew heading into it that against the Titans they were heavily favored. But the first half didn’t show that. The Colts were down 20-7 at halftime but outscored the Titans 20-3 in the second half. Andrew Luck showed his heart in the game and never gave up. But we’ve already seen him do that many times this season, he just reminded us in Week 13. He’s led the team to nine wins this season and has two big games coming up against the division leading Texans. At that point we will see their true identity.
  3. ¬†The New York Giants looked like the defending Super Bowl Champions. On this day of course, but what will they do next week? It was two weeks ago when they romped the Green Bay Packers 38-10 and looked like the best team in the NFC. Last week they fall to the Redskins 17-16. This week they put up 52 points on the New Orleans Saints and looked dominant in doing it. So what’s the true identity of this team? They currently are 8-5 and lead the NFC East division. But they have two tough games against the Falcons and Ravens. If they manage to go 1-1 in this game then that will probably be good enough to get into the playoffs. We’ve seen what they can do if they manage to do that.
  4. The Seattle Seahawks we really weren’t sure about. They have looked great at home this season and looked treacherous on the road this season. Well they hosted the Arizona Cardinals this week and I think eliminated any doubt anyone had for them heading into the final stretch of the season. They currently are the fifth seed in the NFC. Which at this point they could still win the NFC West if they manage to win out. How dangerous can this team be once the playoffs roll around? If they manage to get a home game, they will be pretty scary.
  5. The Dallas Cowboys have been hit and miss all season long. We have seen them play at their very best and we’ve seen them play at their worst. This week we really couldn’t determine what they were doing playing a must win game against the Cincinnati Bengals. But the 4th quarter came around and they showed their true colors. They overcame tragedy and pulled off a one point win and kept their playoff hopes alive. We really haven’t figured out this team JUST yet but they managed to stay alive. If Romo can stay consistent and the defense plays well this team can get into the playoffs. Their remaining schedule allows that if they can win out.
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