What can’t Julia Rose do?!? Check Her Out In Jake Paul’s Music Video, These Days! Also… JAKE KILLED IT! @JuliaRose_33 @JakePaul

Julia Rose is everywhere! From being a TV star to flashing her boobs at The World Series, running ShagMag and now being in Jake Paul’s music video, These Days… she cant stop being talked about!

I can’t tell you HOW jealous I am of Jake… not because he’s 100x more success than me and he can rap but because he got to shoot this music video with the goddess herself.

Wowzers! What a beaut. Julia absolutely killed it.

Honestly I was shocked at how well produced this video was along with how much Jake has improved in the studio over the past two years.

Julia and Jake are both very talented and I’m glad to see them working together. But Jake…. don’t steal my dream girl, eh?!.

People are even comparing this to a Drake song! Congrats Jake, many continued blessings.

What do you think? 👏

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