Watch: Thunders Terrance Ferguson’s Head Goes Way Over Rim As He Takes Hard Fall; Get’s Up Right Away| Ended Up Leaving Game After A Second Hit

The NBA is filled with freaks. Oklahoma City Thunders Terrance Ferguson literally put his career and life on the line when he went up for a block on Lakers guard Josh Hart.

Ferguson didn’t come anywhere close to making the block, but how high in the air he got? Tremendously high.

He does take an awkward fall, and while I was watching it on TV I closed my eyes because I seen it coming… But he got up just about right away.

Needless to say he got lucky.

This wasn’t the only incident with Ferguson… He was going up for a layup with 2:20 left in the game…

When…. Tyson Chandler took him out. And he was pretty shaken up and wasn’t able to shoot his free-throws as he left the game.

The final of the game was Thunder 107 Lakers 100. Needless to say LeBron was needed in this one for LA.

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