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Watch: Shaun Latham ($20 Chef) Fucks Up Twitter/Comedian HACK Matty Light | What Happened After The Fight

Barstool Sports bought amateur boxing company Rough N Rowdy a couple years back and last night Barstool employee $20 Chef, Shaun Latham fought a Twitter/Comedy Hack, Matty Light.

The fight was quick, lasting roughly 20 seconds and ending in a knock out. Afterwards THE HACK Matt Light wanted to go an extra round. But my guy Shaun $20 Chef Latham already won. Then THE HACK tried to get the crowd into it to give him another chance, but this isn’t the WWE, bud.

Fight preview:

I wish you could have had my reaction after Chef knocked this HACK down. 20 seconds in?!

Hell yeah! $20 chef? More like 20 second Chef. Not only has he talked shit to Shaun, he’s actually talked shit to me. So thanks Shaun.

End of the fight:

What happened after the fight? Plus a replay?

Podcast with $20 Chef:

What is this HACK known for?

Okay. Chef knocked him out clean, and after the fight as you could see the HACK realized he lost and went to his FAKE WWE stunts (COMEDY?)… Tries to get the crowd to get into it to give him another chance? Bro. You got knocked the fuck out. This isn’t the WWE.

Want to know this HACK’S Comedy? Tell me if you’d pay to watch this bullshit.

Tweets After…

Will they fight again? Time will tell. YOU VOTE. Chef, you down?


1 Comment

1 Comment

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