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Watch: LeBron Said Warriors Were ‘F—ed Up’ Mentally and Physically After Game 6 of ’16 Finals

LeBron James’s is now apart of an ESPN+ series “More Than an Athlete” the series is showing never before seen footage of LeBron. Earlier this week he made headlines when he said that he felt the Cavaliers comeback in the 2016 NBA Finals helped him become the greatest NBA player of all time.

Now we all know it’s Jordan. But LeBron is right behind him. Maybe winning a ring this year would put him above Jordan?

After game 6 of the Finals LeBron sensed that the Warriors weren’t fully there. In the lockerroom after Cleveland’s 115–101 victory over Golden State during Game 6. 

Cameras revealed James saying, “They f—ed up. Mentally and physically. I’m telling you, they f—ed up.”

.@KingJames called it like he saw it after Game 6 of the 2016 Finals.

On ESPN+, “More Than An Athlete” takes you inside the Cavs locker room after the crucial game. https://t.co/8vE9wIaUfr pic.twitter.com/KLgQQ2Mnjy— ESPN (@espn) January 2, 2019

James was right. The Cavs went on to hold the Warriors to 89 points in Game 7.

The game ended up being Golden State’s lowest-scoring output of the entire 2016 postseason.

Meanwhile, Cleveland won its first-ever NBA championship behind James’s 27 points, 11 assists and 11 rebounds.

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