Watch: Jimmy Garoppolo Has More Charm Than You, Does Us All A Favor And Flirts With Fox Sports Reporter Erin Andrews Even Calls Her “Baby” After Thursday Night Football Win

When you start the season 8-0 you might get lucky enough to be standing next to the best looking sports reporter, Erin Andrews.

That’s where 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo stood after his Thursday Night Football win, and that’s when he decided to shoot his shot.

Someone even changed her Wiki page:

Garoppolo afterwards mouths sorry to her with a charming smile, what an absolute legend of a move. I wouldn’t doubt if the two are exchanging texts as you read this. I mean, he is 8-0, she’s a smokeshow, and he’s got a smile every guy wishes they had…

Why the hell does Jimmy G gave to have the looks and be a baller?

Give me one of those traits, eh?

He was 28/37 for 317 yards and four touchdowns in the 28-25 win. The four touchdowns marked a career-high for Garoppolo. And I’m sure he left the arena with a new phone number in his contacts.

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