Watch: Fake Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un meet in Vietnam and Trick Media

You know what’s better than Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un meeting together? A fake Donald Trump and a fake Kim Jong Un meeting together and tricking media.

“Last time we did it in Singapore, which is kind of his territory,” he said, exchanging handshakes and hugs with another impersonator dressed as US President Donald Trump. “Now we are in my territory with my comrades.” The Kim and Trump impersonators were surrounded by reporters and television cameras at the hotel before security staff showed them the door.

Good classic comedy. These two need more videos like this. Rumor is the two ended up getting arrested… Which I mean would make sense, right? But take a damn joke. I mean, I guess it isn’t Halloween, but still.

“I thought it was the real Kim Jong Un when I looked at his back, but oh well, it is not,” said Lee Sang-hyuk, a South Korean student doing volunteer work in Vietnam. “Whether it’s them or the real Kim and Trump, I hope there will be peace.”

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